Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020) Play now with PS5 Emulator

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You will be happy to know that this AAA Playstation exclusive is fully playable on PC with good frame-rate and graphics. You can expect a decent performance while running this game at 4k resolution. Although PCSX5 ver. 1.0 fixes most of the stuttering encountered while playing at high resolutions, there’s still some audio syncing issues which may occur on Maxwell & Polaris based GPU’s due to the I/O speed mismatch. This issue will be fixed in the next revision of PCSX5.


The game runs beautifully if your PC has enough resources to feed this game.

In our test bench, we ran this game at 4k resolution with maxed out settings and it did not disappoint us. Playing Spiderman at 4K does require a beefy GPU but you can still enjoy this game on lower resolutions even with your old GPU.

At 1440p graphics, the game looks incredible if you are running it on a 4k display. You need at least a RTX 3060 Ti (or equivalent AMD GPU)  to run this game at 60FPS in 1440p resolution.

No need to worry if you are in the 1080p squad. Even the older GPUs like GTX 1070 can run this game at 60FPS and 1080p, which is impressive. The game will still be playable on legacy series GPUs such as GTX 9xx and GTX 7xx.

When we cranked up the graphics to the highest settings using a GTX 1070, we got around 40-50 fps. There are some issues with hud & subtitles as they tend to jitter sometimes but the overall gameplay is buttery smooth. We recommend disabling subtitles until we fix this in the next release of PCSX5.